Aplicom and Satcom Technology Ltd strenghten their long-term co-operation

Satcom, a leading supplier of satellite tracking and security systems specialising in the protection of “High Risk” and “High Value” goods in transit, continues its 16 years long co-operation with Aplicom.

Noel O`Connell, SatcomNoel O’Connell, Managing Director of Satcom Technology Ltd said that they have been co-operating with Aplicom since 1995 and that he is extremely satisfied with the quality of Aplicom’s A1 products.

Satcom was founded in 1994 and provides a range of security tracking systems to transportation companies and uses Aplicom`s hardware as a part of its services. The extension of Aplicom`s and Satcom`s co-operation is the result of Satcom`s customers being satisfied End Users through using systems based on Aplicom`s products.

Over the years Satcom has utilised different Aplicom products in the systems it provides to customers and has found them to be reliable, durable and convenient to use.

One of Satcom`s long-term customers, Nightline Ireland Express, has since 2000 exploited a tracking system that is based on Aplicom`s units. Nightline, established in 1992, is the largest privately owned express courier delivery service in Ireland and is very satisfied with Satcom`s tracking system. Currently Nightline is using the A1 TRAX based solution and has agreed to continue the relationship with Satcom in the future.

John Tuohy, Nightline Express Ireland A1 TRAX is a part of Aplicom`s A1 Product family and includes various functions such as Remote Panic Button, Driver recognition and vehicle positioning.

David Nestor Freight Services (DNFS) has also had positive experience using Satcom`s solution which is based on Acpliom’s A1 TRAX. DNFS, established in 1992 in Ireland, supply transport services for high value products and has been in co-operation with Satcom since 2003. DNFS and Satcom are both very pleased with A1 TRAX’s specification and continue to develop their partner relationship further. Satcom have designed a trailer tracking with remote trailer brake lock and release system using the A1 TRAX giving DNFS a trailer.

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